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T-Shirt Quilts, Memory Quilts and Pillows are beautiful keepsakes that can be treasured for years to come. These hand-made custom quilts are pieced together with fabric, loved one's clothing orT-shirts you provide. 

Any type of fabric or clothing can be used for your hand-made quilt and is not limited to just t-shirts. Golf shirts, flannel shirts, dresses, baby clothes, vests, ties and hats have all been used to create a beautiful momentum to treasure for a lifetime. 

Barbara Buckman, owner of Creative Threads, creates Memory Quilts and T-Shirt Quilts from the fabric/clothing/t-shirts that you provide. 

The fabric, clothing or t-shirts have cotton-woven interfacing ironed on the back of them so they don't stretch. The back of the quilt is constructed using Minkie(TM) or Cuddle(TM) backing and binding. It is then quilted together. 

Quilt sizes include baby blanket, throw/lap, twin, full, queen or king as well as custom sizes specified by the customer.

Barbara offers two types of quilts: standard and custom. 

The standard memory or t-shirt quilt is made with 13" x 13" finished blocks. These blocks are sewn together in vertical and horizontal rows with sashings and borders sewn all the way around the edge of the quilt. Sashings are the pieces of fabric that separate the blocks and rows. Depending on the size of quilt requested, you will need to provide from six (6) t-shirts/fabric/clothing for a small throw/lap quilt, up to 50+ for a king-sized quilt. The t-shirts/fabric/clothing must be uncut, clean/laundered and non-stained. Barbara will determine what pieces go where on the quilt. Cost for a standard quilt is $40 per block.

A custom quilt has blocks of fabric/clothing/t-shirts in various sizes and it is pieced together like a puzzle. There are no sashings, but cotton-woven interfacing is on the pieces and the back consists of Minkie/Cuddle backing and binding quilted together. Custom quilt cost is $50/block.

Completion time can vary depending on the size of the quilt. Typically it can take 8 to 12 weeks to complete a Memory or T-shirt Quilt.

Pillows of varying sizes can also be made using fabric clothing or t-shirts. Custom labels including a verse or sentiment can be included on the quilt or pillow.

To order your quilt or pillow, call 984-235-1208, email or stop in the store.